Fail of the Day: What If Michael Vick Were White?

It’s been forever since I have posted a Fail of the Day, but when I saw this story, I had one choice…


Photo: ESPN

I used to have an obsession with ESPN for years. That was always my “dream job” to be a SportsCenter broadcaster. Get paid to talk about sports? Yes, please!

I rarely watch ESPN anymore because of the overcoverage of the Yankees, Red Sox, Patriots and LeBron James. Maybe since I moved out West and now I see the whole East coast bias thing.

This story sinks ESPN to a new low;

What If Michael Vick Were White?

Are you kidding me?

Chad Millman, you’re an idiot!

You get the Fail of the Day!


Fail of the Day: Wal-Mart Manager


Ahhhh…I am embarrassed/ashamed/not surprised this story came from right down the street from the World Headquarters of Sin City Trifecta. I can only assume Wal-Mart has a strict background check for employees (Have you had sex with an animal? Can you write your name in crayon? Do you know your name?), but this guy went too far.

You would you trust this guy, right???

Jeromie Michener

Well, this d-bag was caught slangin stolen items from Wal-Mart (where he worked) and selling them on Ebay! You can check out the story here.

Fail of the Day: The US of A

Like This!

Fail of the Day

It’s been busy around the World HQ of Sin City Trifecta, but this story comes from the southside of town, H-Town:

Apparently, the World Cup can be bought. Qatar beat out the US for the rights to the 2022 World Cup.

World Cup 2022

Attorney General Eric Holder and former President Bill Clinton were sent overseas to vie for the US to host the 2022 World Cup…they failed…to this guy, the Emir of Qatar…that’s in the Middle East.

Fail of the Day: Handstand

Like This!

I give these dudes all the credit. These dudes have so much talent to be able to do the things they do, but mistakes are bound to happen and we here a SCT looked far and wide and thought our viewers would enjoy this.

Fail of the Day: High Five

Like This!

It’s been awhile since I have posted a Fail of the Day and to the 3 people that religously read this site; I AM SORRY.

I have a severe case of ADD(my name should be spelled ADDam), ask anyone that knows me and they’ll vouch for me. I actually started this post last week, but got sidetracked (kidding…kinda). I am working on some side projects and have put SCT on the backburner. No excuses!

Slapping five, giving dap/knucks whatever you want to call it. This looks as if these kids are on a mission somewhere across the pond and they are being welcomed into the country. The dude with the green shirt is getting carried away as he is having way too much fun doing this.

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Fail of the Day: Double Skateboard

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Skateboarding fails are almost too easy to find, but this one is different because it’s two fails in one.

Now I am not questioning this guy’s reaction because I am sure that this had to hurt (twice), but he might be acting it up for the camera.

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Fail of the Day: Elephant

Like This!

I have no introduction for this video.

I’ll go with…

a hungry elephant?

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