My Week 5 Picks: NFL

I went 2-1 last week, second week in a row. 4-2 (.667 win percentage) over a 2 week span is impressive for a gambler. Remember, all gamblers have streaks — some high, some low. I missed on the Vikings for Pick of the Week. What was  thinking? McNabb is done. Bring on Christian Ponder. Weren’t te Vikings in the NFC title game just 21 months ao? That was when #4 was playing, though.

We’re 4 weeks into the season with no Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Randy Moss and/or Terrell Owens. Unreal.

My Early Leans

Seattle @ New York Giants (-9.5)

Eli Manning is on pace for his best season yet. I know, I know…that is not saying much. He has a higher passer rating than Drew Brees, more accurate than Matt Ryan and has less picks than Tom Brady. Seattle needs a lot of work and that is putting it nicely. I think I can name 3 players from the team, one being Pete Carroll. I like the G-Men 27 – 9.

Arizona @ Minnesota (-3)

How is Minnesota faored? They shouldn’t be favored playing a Division II school. They are horrible. I really thought Arizona was going to e better than this, but so far, they have looked pretty bad. This will be a lose game between tw ad teams, but I like the Cards 20 – 16.

Chicago @ Detroit (-5)

Detroit’s first Monday Night Football game (October 8, 2011)  since I was a Freshman at Ferris Sate University in Big Rapids, MI and Osama Bin Laden was just becoming a household name.  It seems like just yesterday. Living in the dorms, sleeping through my 11:00 class and learning how to do laundry…ah, that was the life. I would love to be in downtown Detroit on Monday night. I would not be surprised if the roof blew off Ford Field. The Lions are coming in riding a 12-0 streak (including preseason), one of only 2 undefeated teams (Green Bay being the other), a healthy/confident quarterback and the best wide receiver to play the game in years, in Calvin Johnson. Jay Cutler has been beat up this year and I see the same thing happening with Detroit’s D-Line. That place is going to be loud and Detroit will improve to 5-0 after a 24 – 17 victory.

Season Record: 6-5-1

Pick of the Week Record: 1-2-1

Money Won/Lost: $44.00


My Week 4 Picks: NFL

Well well well, this guy is getting back on track. Thank you to the three people that have followed my picks. I went 2-1 last week missing my Pick of the Week by a half a point – a game of inches, I tell ya. Anywho, I am rebounding from week one and that is all that matters.

I have not made a bet in 13 days and I am getting the itch. I give my pro picks because I am too lazy to look at the 127 college games every Saturday. My boy Chris, die-hard Bama fan, told me to throw a hundo on Bama tomorrow against Florida. Chris, if I had $100 to spare, I’d do it, but I have a thing called a mortgage (I’m a big boy now). I am going to lay $40 on the Crimson Tide tomorrow after watching that defense last week, I am convinced that they could beat some NFL teams (Chiefs, Dolphins and the Colts).

My Early Leans

New England (-5) @ Oakland

New England lost last weekend to Buffalo after being up 21-0 at half. You don’t think Belichick was on their ass all week? I do. Also, Tom Brady threw 4 picks last Sunday, he threw 4 picks all of last season. I like New England, 41 – 20.

New Orleans (-7) @ Jacksonville

Jacksonville is horrible. And starting a rookie quarterback. Drew Bress will air it out. This game wll be over mid-2nd quarter. Saints 31 – 13.


Minnesota (-2.5) @ Kansas City 

Kansas City is an absolute joke. They lose their best defensive player (Eric Berry) and best offensive player (Jamaal Charles) for the season. How they stuck aroun last weekend against San Diego is beyond me, but I like Minnesota getting their first win of the season, on October 2nd, Vikes 24 – 13.

Season Record: 4-4-1

Pick of the Week Record: 1-1-1 (the one L is by 1/2 point)

Money Won/Lost: $44.00

My Week 3 Picks: NFL

Well, I somewhat redeemed myself last weekend going 2-1 improving my record for the season to 2-3-1. I am winning 33%, so the obvious move to make here is to fade (bet against) my picks. I have always told people, if you want to win money, bet against me. It has made Red Rock a lot of money over the last 5 years. It also made some bookie in Michigan a lot of money, too, years ago.

I have not hung out at the sportsbook like I usually do on the weekends as money is tight and I think I am getting a bit old for the $1 Bud Light specials at 8 am until they run out/I get kicked out. I placed one bet last weekend on Michigan Sate +6 against 0-2 Notre Dame. State shit the bed. I lost $22. All gamblers have ups and downs and I guess I am really holding out for the up. Not ups, just the up. I have never really been on a hot streak before. It sounds like fun.

My Early Leans

Jacksonville @ Carolina (-3.5) 

I could not have been more wrong about Cam Newton. The dude has two 400+ games, in his FIRST two games of his career, on a shitty team. I’ll be the first to admit, I was wrong. Carolina lost a tough game to Arizona in week one and played well against the defending champs last Sunday. Jacksonville is horrible and they are going with their first round draft pick, Blaine Gabbert at quarterback. Go luck. I like Carolina big, 31-10.

New England @ Buffalo  Over/Under 53.5

New England is favored by as many as 10.5 at some books, but I have also seen the line at 7.5 as well. I like New England, but Buffalo is playing good, tool. I know, they beat Kansas City and Oakland, but a very impressive game-wining drive last weekend against Oakland. If the weather holds up, this total could be in the high 60s at the end of the game. I like New England 34-27, take the over.


Detroit @ Minnesota (+3.5)

My Detroit Lions are playing some football! They look to go 3-0 on Sunday. Minnesota is turrible (Charles Barkley voice) Donovan McNabb is obviously not the answer. I have always been a McNab fan, but it’s obvious that his legs got him out of trouble early in his career, not anymore. Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson have the potential to be similar to Montana-Rice. They are fun to watch and a lot of fun to root for. Stafford has 7 TD passes in the first two games with FOUR of those going to Megatron, aka Calvin Johnson. It feels good to be a Lions fan. I like Detroit 27-17.

Season Record: 2-3-1

Pick of the Week Record: 1-0-1 (or as I like to say…undefeated)

Money Won/Lost: $44.00

My Week 2 Picks: NFL

Wow! I was absolutely horrible with my picks last week going 0-2-1. Thankfully, the Cards came back and I got a push at the end. Who would have thought Cam Newton would have played like Peyton Manning in his first NFL game after playing like Ryan Leaf in the preseason?

Anywho, like any good gambler and/or prize fighter, I am back to make my week 2 picks…

My Early Leans 

Seattle Seahawks @ Pittsburgh Steelers (-14) 

pit-seaThis is a rematch of the Superbowl from’06 in Detroit. I was there! Well, not at the game, but I was down there partying all weekend in the slush and snow. I left Michigan shortly there after. The Steelers were absolutely embarrassed last week in Baltimore and all week people were like, “are they too old?” It’s week one, folks. Calm down. Their home opener is against the Seattle Seahawks. I’m sorry Seattle, but you are getting a pissed off team and I expect this game to be over shortly after the coin flip. Seattle is leaning on Tavaris Jackson, need I say more? Steel Town 34-13. They score a garbage touchdown in the 4th.

Baltimore Ravens @ Tennessee Titans (+6)titans-ravens

Baltimore looked good last week dominating Pittsburgh and forcing SEVEN turnovers. I don’t think they let up in Tennessee on Sunday. Look for Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and company to reak havoc on Hasselback. This one isn’t even close and I like B-More 27-10.


Kansas City Chiefs @ Detroit Lions (-9)

Lions a 9-point favorite? I LOVE the sounds of that.

Call me a homer, but I liked what saw in Tampa last week (well, the first 3 quarters). The Chiefs are going to give the Lions 0-16 record a run this year. Give it to Jamaal Charles, that d-line will shut him down. A devastating blow to the Chiefs losing safety Eric Berry for the year and I see a big game for Calvin Johnson. Again. I have a feeling I am going to be saying/writing that a lot this year. Andre Johnson (some call him the best in the game) said earlier this week, Calvin “Megatron” Johnson is the best wideout in the game. I have to agree. You could make a strong case for either Johnson, Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald. Ford Field is going to be live Sunday afternoon and I wish I was going to be there, but I like the Lions 34-17.

Season Record: 0-2-1

Money: $22.00

NFL Week One Picks

It’s here.

Football is here.

My weekend’s are shot for the next 12-20 weeks. Red Rocks sportsbook will be my second home.

Not bad…


It’s been a long off-season, but I’ll throw out 2-3 picks I like and my pick of the week. I’ll keep a running tally until it’s too embarasing to admit, which could be by the fall equinox.

***DISCLAIMER: This is for recreational purposes only***


My Week One Picks


PIT/BAL Under 36

I love how the NFL is giving us this game to start the season. These guys hate each other and we love watching them hate each other. I thought we were going to see a bit of lockout-rust the first couple weeks, but last night’s game proved that I know nothing. Baltimore is without Todd Heap and Anthony Mason. They’re offense might take some time to get going. Pittsburgh is still the same team from last year and that certainly helps with a short off-season. Ray Lewis is on the downside of his career and time is ticking, he knows that. This, I think, is his last year to bring another title to B-More. I like the Ravens 19-13.

IND @ HOU (-9) Over/Under 43.5

I believe it was the Texans year to win the AFC South before the Manning news. Unfortunately, they’ll win it this year, but people will be saying, yea, but Manning was out. That’s too bad because I really think the defense is going to turn the corner this year. Schaub to Johnson never gets old. I like Houston here, 35-17. And the over.


CAR @ ARZ (-7)

I really think Arizona is going to surprise people this year. A weak division, the addition of Kolb/Heap on offense and the best cornerback in the draft, Patrick Peterson and this team is going to make some noise in the desert. I think Cam Newton is going to have a horrible year, it’ll be a learning experience. I like the Cards to roll 31-10.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Dukes, you’re crazy…

Dukes, you’re on point…

Dukes, you’re better at doing nothing….

My Superbowl 46 Predictions

Football is here!

The NFL season kicks off tonight in Green Bay with the past two Superbowl champs squaring off at Lambeau; The New Orleans Saints and the Green Bay Packers.

It’s been a long off-season with the whole lockout and I think it’ll be a few weeks until we see full-speed football again. Missing all those workouts is going to show and we’re going to see slow and sloppy football, but it’s better than no football (hear that David Stern?)

Never thought I’d say this, but…

We’re starting the season without Brett Favre or Peyton Manning.

Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers

Photo:Alex Brandon/AP

The Green Bay Packers are 4.5 point favorites and the over/under is set at 48. I like the over, but not for the first game of the season on prime time tv, I am staying away. 4.5 points? No thanks. This is a horrible game for gamblers. I am not touching it. I think the Saints have a bit of a chip on their should from last year and have a feeling they are going to come out strong. Green Bay has not lost any notable players and gained Jermichael Finley (hurt last year) and Ryan Grant (hurt last year). Both of these players are pro bowl players. Green bay is back and they have a legitimate chance to repeat.

I am not going to breakdown every division with winners and losers. I don’t have the time and I’ll give you my final four; the top 2 AFC teams and the top 2 NFC teams.

My Predictions:

NFC Championship

I think this will be a rematch from one of last year’s playoff games between Green Bay and Atlanta, but with a different outcome. Atlanta will have the 48-21 blowout in the Georgia Dome in their mind. I like Atlanta 31-27.

I think with the addition of Julio Jones in Atlanta and the maturity of Matt Ryan and this is the team to beat. Look for Ryan to have a huge year, MVP numbers. Although, I expect Rodgers to do the same. These two are the future premiere quarterbacks of the NFL.

AFC Championship

The AFC is loaded at the top. I like the Patriots, Steelers and the Ravens. If Bob Sanders stays healthy, I like the Chargers, too.

I could make an argument for any of the 4 I listed above, but I’ll go with the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I look for Brady to out perform Big Ben in Foxboro on a cold Sunday afternoon next January. Pats go onto Superbowl 46 with a 16-13 victory.

Superbowl 46


I found a MUCH better picture of the Patriots and Falcons…


I am not sure if Peyton Manning is going to be in attendance for this Superbowl since it is being played in Indy. Reports from earlier state Peyton Manning may be done for the season, what a blow if it’s true. Even if it is not true, a neck injury is going to prevent him from playing at the level he is used to be playing.

This is going to be a high scoring Superbowl and it’s going to go down to the 4th quarter. Tom Brady and the Patriots come out strong and take advantage of Atlanta’s young team, Pats 24- 10 at half. I like Atlanta to come out strong in the 3rd quarter and Ryan finding Jones for the 2nd time in the game. 31-31 going into the 4th quarter, but Brady has been here before. He thrives on pressure situations and Ryan crumbles. Pats capitalize on a late interception and the Pats win 38 – 34.

Well, what do YOU think? Let me hear your picks in the comments below. Agree, hate, bash, whatever, let me know what you think…

Where my Dawgs at?

Mike Vick

Michael Vick and the Eagles fell about six points short thanks to David Akers two missedfield goal kicks. Vick’s time away from the league and his season withDavid Akers Mcnabb allowedhim to discover that even an athletic QB works from the pocket first and foremost andruns only when needed. As much as Michael Vick has matured and improved, he still hassome bad habits, like throwing in and low, not out, high and away. We will see what nextyear brings Michael Vick aside from a fat contract.