Life is a game of seconds

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Spots betting is a thing of chance, like hitting on a fat girl at a bar or a night with a hooker without a condom.

I hate it!

I wanted to bet on the first game of the season so that I did. I went to Red Rock yesterday afternoon to place my bet. I got there about 2 PM Vegas Standard Time. I look up at the big board and see that the Saints are -5, I saw -6 online so I think, “Cool”. I got in line.

Sportsbook, Red Rock Casino, Sports gamblingPhoto: American Sports Gambling

I’m in line looking around and realize only three windows are open, yet there are 8 or 9 people behind the counter talking. Red Rock is slipping. I hear over the P.A.

The New Orleans Saints at -5 1/2

I think, half a point? No big deal. Brees and the boys are gonna win by a touchdown, at least.

If anyone saw the game, they saw Garrett Hartley miss TWO fieldgoals. Saints 14- 9. 5 points! If I was there 30 seconds earlier, I push and get my $44 back. 30 seconds!

I am convinced the NFL has a few Tim Donaghy‘s in their system. Either that or Hartley owes some loot to some people out here in the desert.

I’m putting the mortgage on Miami on Sunday.

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A True Vegas Minute

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I dropped by the Green Valley Ranch on Saturday for a bite to eat. As I was sitting enjoying my Capriotti’s sandwich, I looked over, and I saw a tatted guy with a kid (normal for Vegas). Regardless, the guy was familiar, but I could not place the face. Then I heard him speak, and I figured it out; Michael Starr (Ralph Saenz), the lead singer from Steel Panther. The guy was getting his kid an Ice Cream. We made eye contact, and I commented; “So Steel Panther’s a dad”. He replied proudly; “I’ve got Three”.

Anyone who knows Steel Panther, knows that they are a talented, glam metal band, whose sets include Def Leopard, Motley Crue, X-Rated ad libs celebrating all things rock, and of course their own songs; “Asian Hooker” and “(My Cock is)Community Property”.

Seeing one of their shows, you understand that they’re witty as fuck and talented.

Seeing a father with his kid, reminds me that at the end of the day, these performers are guys working for a living like the rest of us.

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Chad Ochocinco

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Love him or Hate him. One thing is for certain, Chad OchoCinco is entertaining.

I have never been a Chad OchoCinco fan. I always thought he was too cocky, but after following him on Twitter @OGOchoCinco and hearing him on The Dan Patrick Show I have become a fan. He seems like a good guy and the guy can play football. Basketball too. He claims he beat Kobe Bryant and LeBron James in a game of one-on-one.

No, I don’t watch his show on VH1, The Ultimate Catch.

Chad is here in town shooting for a TV show and he hit the slots this morning…

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Why Vegas and Craigslist match up so well together; CLASS

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We are currently looking for hiv+ pregnant women who would like to participate in a research study for a new BLOOD test analysis.
Only a ONE TIME clinic visit is required! Only 10 minutes long!

To qualify you must:
~ Be 21 years old
~ Currently Pregnant
~ HIV+

Qualified research study participants may receive the following at no cost:
~ Clinical counseling if needed.

Compensation for time and travel of $25.00.

For more information

Please contact us at

(702) 889-0061
or email us at

Visit us on the web at

No insurance is necessary

Impact Clinical Trials
630 South Rancho Drive Suite H
Las Vegas, NV 89106
(702) 889-0061
(Located on the corner of Rancho and Palomino)

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Waxing reflections at work

Sitting here trying to stay motivated at yet another numbing job, I am reminded how as children, we are all idealists. When asked; “What do you want to be when you grow up?” You respond instinctively; “I want to be an astronaut, firefighter, football player, adult film star” Whatever the answer maybe; it’s instinctive and true. With time and age, our dreams are replaced with circumstance and we become domesticated, settling for what our particular environment provides (almost like a promiscuous woman; she’s not what you want, but she makes it easy to stick around for a bit). In short, we settle and make do. Most of us lack the discipline and drive to remain idealist and most of us settle for the path of least resistance. I have always respected those few who charted a course, and through trial and error, much adversity and hard work, and a bit of luck, have actually succeeded making a living, doing what they love.

So, “knowing how way leads onto way”, and that we are only a culmination of many small turns and decisions, will I start taking those small steps towards finding something I love to do for a living?

Thanks Obama!

Now we here at SCT are anything but political.

Nonetheless, I was literally caught up in Obamania when I was sent to work at the wrong office and had to make my way back to the correct adress.

To make matters worse (yours truly is always a day late and a dollar short), I was the only guy in Vegas that forgot to stay away from the airport because President Obama is in town and that means chaos for us locals trying to get to work.

Regardless, as I spent an hour in standstill-traffic by the airport, one thought kept crossing my mind;

How ironic would it be if I was terminated from my new job because of Presidnet Obama’s visit to Las Vegas and UNLV to promote Job Growth?

True Vegas Story; Some officers aren’t half bad

One of the surreal points of life in the Big Sin, Las Vegas is that you never know who you are going to meet. A few years ago, I was working with a couple of guys out of Mexico City who managed to create, and market a new poker game. They landed a 90 day trial at the Hard Rock Hotel-Casino. One problem, they needed a local guy they could trust to keep an eye on the game, shake some hands, make nice with the pit bosses, and of course, keep an eye on the models they hired to work the casino floor (I know; rough job). They could not find such a qualified guy, and (via a mutual friend who connected us) had to settle for me. Although the game flopped, it was a hell of a gig. Out of my brief and failed tenure as a gaming marketing savant, I met a few interesting people. The most impressive was LTC Robert Menist of the US Army (who was just a Captain at the time). Between then and now, LTC Menist has served his country proud, being deployed for multiple tours in Iraq with the 4th Brigade, 1st Army Division.

LTC Menist was a first class guy. That rare breed of man who was clean cut and patriotic, yet got far too much ass for a guy minding his own business…I guess girls in Vegas love their men in uniform.

To you and your men, God Bless, Sin City Trifecta owes you a drink!

Thank you