Two Years for SCT: Thank You!


I started this site on April 12, 2010. Two years ago…


I had a dream…a sports/Vegas/men’s topics site/podcast with a few buddies (ESPN-esque only no corporate restrictions) and we’d all be living our dreams;

Talking sports

Revenue from advertisements

No alarm clocks and most importantly…

No bosses

Living the dream

It started that way, but has went through so many changes. It’s been a blast. I enjoy doing it. I really do. I have not made a single penny from this site and the site has 740 blog posts. I am thinking about pushing it to the next level and bringing on some writers (JO) to branch out to different demographics, different perspectives, different styles. And of course, try to monetize it.

I know this site doesn’t bring out the emotions and it’s not deep, it’s just a run down of sports topics mixed with pop culture. Sometimes I add my $0.02. For what it’s worth, probably not even that.

I do it for entertainment purposes.

I got a Tweet from an old High School friend who I haven’t spoke to in years, it read something like this, “Man, this site looks good on my phone. Keep up the good work” I spend 30-45 minutes a day on this site and that ONE Tweet made it all worth it. Thank you, Mr. Tomasek.

I got a Tweet (see a pattern?) from my boy Jason last night (although it was past midnight on the East Coast) that read, “2 years, congrats #eastcoasttimezone”. I went to bed reading that and it made my day. Thank you young man.

My writing partner, HBZ, we’ll stick with Harry for now as he’s on the run (kidding). He contributes to the site on the ‘In the Ring‘ section. The kid has a knack for writing, it’s unbelievable. He’s got such a talent, it’s amazing. The thing is, he’s an even better person.  Thank you for everything. Let’s catch up soon.

My buddy Luke is a frequent reader and comments on links I post. It means the world, Luke. Thank you. Let’s grab a beer soon.

My boy Ryan, NYC, is always giving me props and may be the biggest SCT fan (Although I hear Kate Upton talks this site up quite a bit). He has no idea how much his loyalty means, but I am forever grateful for his enthusiasm for the site. Mr. Hoffecker, next round is on me.

Mike, I did not forget about you. I know you’re a (hopefully) daily reader and I appreciate that. I am not sure what state you are in now as Walbridge moves you around the country, but I appreciate your support. Thank you!

Last, but certainly not least, my girlfriend, Amanda. She has to put up with me picking out a Dime of the Day everyday. I couldn’t do it. I am 30 years old and maybe the sports/hot babes(dimes)/Vegas blog is a pipe dream and I should grow up, but I’ll never grow up. She sees that in me, and for some reason, still loves me. And it’s awesome. I love you girlfriend!

I enjoy doing it.

Some days it’s not easy, but I do it because of the support from the peeps mentioned above and everyone else that has read this site, even once. So grateful for all of you.

I am not showing you this to brag, I am proud, but would really like to get a million when we celebrate the three year anniversary next spring.

SCT stats;

It’s hard to read, but 261,243 page views (all-time) and 15,480 in one day. Unreal. I am impressed. And very grateful. Thank you!

Not to short change the people above, but I owe my thanks to the man that taught me to chase my dreams, Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk.

I cannot express the gratitude I have for this man. I advise everyone to read his book, Crush It

It changed my life.

So did this video…

I sat down not knowing what to write for this post, it just came out. It’s my thoughts and feelings on all of this. It has been a lot of fun.

I thank each and everyone of you.