On the 8th day, Sin City Trifecta was born…

9:03 AM

With glitter on our clothes and empty wallets, the nucleus that would become Sin City Trifecta crawls home after spending the night enjoying the literary and cultural Mecca that is Las Vegas (our girlfriends think we are out of town on business…again).

9:47 AM

After watching Johnny Drama’s moment of redemption on Entourage,  the currently unemployed yet big-hearted, creative boozehounds, that would some day be known as Sin City Trifecta, decide to seek their own moment of redemption. The idea of Sin City Trifecta is born.

9:50 AM

The premise; Sin City Trifecta will be a web based, on-going, True-to-life, Dramady wrapped in a website that encapsulates being a man in the city that we have grown to love; Las Vegas. Our weekly livecasts shot throughout this fine city, will allow our viewers to watch as we drink to the absurdity and greatness that is life in the Big Sin…God’s only blemish on this fine country; Las Vegas.

9:53 AM

The newly formed Sin City Trifecta heads to the bar to congratulate each other and cap off a rigorous yet successful day of work… stay tuned for our weekly livecast on

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