Who We Are

Welcome to the Big Sin, our desert mistress; LAS VEGAS!


Sin City Trifecta welcome’s you to our cozy little opium den of dreams. Tough day? Let our Fail of the Day put a smile on your face. Feelin’ a bit lonely? Say hello to your Future Ex-Wife of the Week. Need to just check the hell out for a few minutes? We, the few, the proud, the unemployed creators of SCT have got your back. So, if you’re stuck at work or in traffic, or smuggling illegal’s across the Rio Grande, and you can’t meet up with the Three Wise Men; Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, and Johnnie Walker, well then; “Welcome to the China Club”, welcome to Sin City Trifecta.

We consider Sin City Trifecta as our neighborhood bar. Hence, there are no politics to shout about, no points of view to push, or any agenda whatsoever. We have simply grown to love our desert mistress, Big Sin, Las Vegas – in all its dysfunctional glory.

To us Lee’s Discount Liquor should be made into a national monument. To us, the low flying police helicopters buzzing over the Strip are a beacon of hope in these dark days. To us, the hordes of single mothers that populate this fine town prove that loneliness is indeed God’s most potent aphrodisiac.

For now, let SCT be your little detour from reality. We promise nothing of importance or relevance. All we’re capable of is serving up life in Las Vegas in all its dysfunctional glory.


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